Lords Of Eternal Seas

by Ourang Medan

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Horrendous Maritime Phenomena é um single gravado para a coletânea Black Embers Fest II.


released August 9, 2016

Gravado por Patrick Schafstein entre 2013 e 2015 no Estúdio Warsong em Natal, Brasil.
Vocais gravados por Flávio França, em 2016, no Estúdio Caverna, Natal.
Mixado e masterizado por Kexo, Estúdio Duna, São Paulo.
Arte por Daniel Nec.

Ourang Medan é:
Don Jon - Vozes Ritualísticas
Space Ghost - Emanações
G. Dunke - Groove O)))
Zamamba ov Satan - Tambor



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Ourang Medan Natal, Brazil

Formed in 2013 and classified by the living as sludge, Ourang Medan weaves its slow music rooted in mental disorders of cosmic horror, old grimoires and occult elements in the forgotten history of mankind since ancient times.

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Track Name: Epiphany Of Pillars (Black Waters Of The Void)
From Primal Ocean Womb - The Amphibious Torment
Fooling With Meat And Gold The Weak Minded A Cult Of Sacrifice

Eternal Father Dagon
Ruler Of decrepit Canaan
Eternal Father Dagon
Trident Of Deep Ones

Destroying The Perception Of Natives
Whispers Of Delusion
Monstrous Glimpses

Eternal Father Dagon
Ruler Of dredged Mu
Eternal Father Dagon
Sigil of timeless essence

Zazas zazas nasatanada zazas

Perpetuating Dreams - Cyclopean Walls - Grotesque Shapes - Crushing My Thoughts
Track Name: Fallen Star of Etutu
Black Pillars Black Pyres
Libations Lucid Dreams Meditations
Invocations A visceral ecstasy

Cobalt Flames - burn my eyes Salty Waters fall on my wounds
Come forth, primal dragons, and fill me of untamable desire
Come forth, primal dragons, and fill me of chaotic waters
Gnosis raging my mind into emancipation
Tantric melted my soul into liberation

O Leviathan!

Diagrams deny the vessels reification
Pictograms embrace the sea-womb of emptiness

Great Dragon From Watery Abyss
Roars Forth Sea Above Sea Below
Track Name: Horrendous Maritime Phenomena (Or The Case Of The Ship That Never Was)
From The Midst Of Nautical Fog Comes The Touch Of The Unliving Entities Cryptic Proclamation A Tripulation Gazing An Unfortunate Destiny The Lords Of Eternal Seas Before Usucaptors Of Ancient Souls Phoenicians, Atlanteans, Lemurians Take The Steam-Modern Captives [Keep The Legacy - The Most Horrible Serenity - Towards The Oceans] Every Single Man Sinistrous Grimace / Every Single Soul Ghastly Wide-Eye Expression / A Ship Silenced Into Waves Chaotic Space And Time